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Now Playing: Young Lochinvar from MM Opus 157



Opus Num.

Title, details and publisher (where appropriate)



60 A 20th Century Brass Band Tutor Brass Band 1978 18
102 Six Easy Pieces for Brass. Variously Solo Cornet, Sop Cornet, Euph, E flat Horn, F Horn, Trbn, Tuba Brass Wind 1986 10
110 Intermezzo Any combination of 4 Woodwind instruments R Smith 1988 4
123 Concert Study for Harp Solo Harp Brass Wind 1987 4
125 Coat de Bone Solo Trombone Warwick 1990 3
130 Splinters of Bone 25 Solo Trombone Studies for Grades 1 - 5 Solo Trombone Brass Wind 1992 15
133a Fantasy Pieces for Violin Solo Violin Brass Wind 1993 12
133b Fantasy Pieces for Viola Solo Viola Brass Wind 1993 12
133c Fantasy Pieces for Cello Solo Cello Brass Wind 1993 12
133d Fantasy Pieces for Double Bass Solo Double Bass Brass Wind 1993 12
133e Fantasy Pieces for Flute Solo Flute Brass Wind 1993 12
133f Fantasy Pieces for Oboe Solo Oboe Brass Wind 1993 12
133g Fantasy Pieces for Clarinet Solo Clarinet Brass Wind 1993 12
133h Fantasy Pieces for Bassoon Solo Bassoon Brass Wind 1993 12
133i Fantasy Pieces for Horn Solo Horn Brass Wind 1993 12
133j Fantasy Pieces for Trumpet Solo Trumpet Brass Wind 1993 12
133k Fantasy Pieces for Trombone Solo Trombone Brass Wind 1993 12
133L Fantasy Pieces for Bass Trombone Solo Bass Trombone Brass Wind 1993 12
133m Fantasy Pieces for Tuba Solo Tuba Brass Wind 1993 12
139 Per Tuba ad Astra Ten Tuba Studies (Grades 5 & 6) Solo Tuba Brass Wind 1994 12
148 Journey into the Unknown Variations for any instrument and piano flt/ ob/ clt/ a sax/ bsn/ hrn/ tpt/ trb/ tuba/ vln/vla/cel/bass and piano 1996 15
151 A Hornting we will go Eight Pieces for Tenor Horn and Piano Tenor Horn and Piano Brass Wind 1997 15
182 Abduction by Aliens Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Xylophone, Mandolin 2002 1

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