Portland House, Burton Road, Wool, Dorset, UK BH20 6EY

Telephone 01929405356 

     For further information please contact my agent, Norma Torney: normabourgeois@gmail.comDescription: Description: Description: Description: Description: sideviewcorrected.jpg

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Derek Bourgeois is a composer living in semi-retirement in Wool, Dorset, UK

All his Symphonies are available for viewing and listening on

The site has an MP3 player and he has uploaded MP3s of every movement of each of his symphonies

The Symphonies are also available for purchase from the same site as are many of his other works.

Dr David Wright has provided some further information about my works on his website

Tim Reynish also has two provocative and thoughtful pages of discussion about my wind band music and

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